Different Types of Plants


These are terrestrial plants which grow on the normal land, with sufficient water in the soil.


These are plants which grow in desert areas with very low water availability and high temperatures. They can survive in deserts.


An epiphyte is a plant that grows on the surface of other plants. These plants survive on other big and tall-growing trees.

Where Can You Grow Plants?

Shady Spaces

Trying to grow the types of flowers that love the sun in shady spaces is a major faux pas for the landscaper. Instead, before planting, find out which types of flowers and foliage plants will feel comfortable in those shady environs.

Sunny Spaces

Before planting in sunny areas, find out which types of flowers can take full sun and tolerate drought. Sun-loving perennials include salvia, coneflower, bearded iris, and phlox.

Shrubs With Orange and Red Flowers

Red Azaleas

Maybe red is your go-to colour for jazzing up an outdoor living space. In that case, try growing the Stewartstonian azalea.

Flowering Quince

If you are looking for a shrub with red flowers, Scarlet Storm quince (Chaenomeles speciosa 'Scarlet Storm') is one of the best choices. For orange flowers, grow Orange Storm (Chaenomeles speciosa 'Orange Storm'). Like azaleas, flowering quince is a springtime bloomer.

Flowering Maple

Flowering maple is called so because it bears lovely flowers and has leaves shaped like those on a maple tree.

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The term "evergreen" means having foliage that persists (as opposed to dropping) and retains its color throughout the year, rather than changing color according to the seasons. The term is something of a misnomer, as the color in question need not be green. For instance, the color may be blue or gold.

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Alabama's Beautiful State Flower

The camellia "the rose of winter," is the official state flower of Alabama. It was designated the official status in 1959. The camellia replaced the goldenrod flower that had been adopted in 1927. The flower appears on the Alabama quarter.

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Learn More About Different Types of Plants

In horticulture, the term growth habits refers to the plant’s growth and its development or change in the plant’s height, shape and the kind of growth it undergoes. There are genetic factors as well as environmental factors which play an important role in their growth habit.

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